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Interior designer in Greater Noida west

If you have been looking for an interior designer in Greater Noida West, then here are the reasons why you should choose us as your interior designers:-

1. We save your time and money:-

Some people might say that hiring interior designer might add more expense but hiring them will save you from making expensive design mistakes. We first carry out the budgeting and planning process in order to save your effort and time. We will make the most of your budget and we will save you from paying too much for something which you would have gotten at half of the price you paid. Hiring an interior designer will totally increase the sale or resale value of your house. We are professionals who have designed various houses like yours, so we can do the work more efficiently and accurately than you think you can do it. You can get rid of all the headache by hiring us as your interior designer and get your dream house.

2. Professional assessment:-

You need us as your interior designers for the incredible designing and qualitative work in your house. We have a team of expert designers who come up with a solid action plan which help you to spend your money in an efficient manner. These trained professionals will avoid mistakes and they will verify other details like dimensions of the coffee table, suitable carpet flooring, etc. Our professionals know how to harmonize things in order to make your house look aesthetically appealing. Hiring us will not only eliminate the possibility of mismatch in your house but we also make sure that your house doesn’t have vastu complaint too. Ordering incorrect size, inexperienced electricians who are not aware of the latest trends, choosing full wall colors, buying ill-fitting furniture etc can be avoided by using our professional guidance.

3. Communication between you and your architect:-

We work as a mediator between you and your architect or your construction contractor. We can harmonize your needs with what your architect can give you, and present you with the best option available. It might be pretty tiring for you to deal with the constructor and his team, but we can do that for you.

4. Better contacts:-

Hiring us as your interior designer will automatically connect you with all our professional contacts and add various experts to your project. We know exactly where should we go for the best resources and that is why it is best to delegate.

5. Amazing and artistic look:-

Hiring us as your interior designers will turn your dream house in an outstanding reality. Our ram will artistically enhance the space and quality of life in that space for you. Our creative team does its best to fit all the good things together and make something spectacular. They have a lot of tricks to make adjustments between new and old things.

6. Personal touch:-

We understand the personality of the person who owns the house and try to reflect that with every feature of the house. While designing the house, we try to understand the owner as much as we can, so that we can design something great for him or her. Our long list of satisfied clientele must give you an outline of why you should hire us as your interior designer in Greater Noida west.

Modular Kitchen Designer in Noida

Decorative Laminates are an integral part of interior surfacing solution. Laminate is a durable, high performance, stylish surfacing solution for your entire interior needs be it a kitchen cabinet, wardrobe or any other furniture. Laminate has the power to transforms & bring life to one’s interior. Both sides laminated birch ply, BWR plywood or engineered panel shutters, with same color edge band on all four sides, have a number of finishes and durable option for your kitchen shutters.

Aluminium Profile

Glass is important factor in modern interiors. Design and finishes options in Aluminium profile with clear, frosted or lacquered glass shutters are options to enhance the overall look of your kitchen or wardrobe exterior surface.


Standard size, both side laminated & edge band carcasses with mini fixing joint are manufactured on automated machines to ensure the best finish and smooth movement of fittings. Be assure that carcasses are made out of best quality WBP plywood, BWR plywood, WPC or other engineered panel available according to your needs.


We use hardware and fittings from world renowned brands e.g. Hettich, Hafele, Blum, Kessebohmer & Rehau etc. We provide you with options to pick and choose hardware that maximizes the functionality and makes your kitchen or wardrobe ergonomically and aesthetically more appealing.


We provide you an exact idea about accessories and help you to decide the accessories that would be best suited for your kitchen’s design from a variety of option available, making it look more elegant.