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1. What are the delivery timelines?

Morph modular kitchen will be guaranteed to arrive within 45 days from the day of advance receipt.

2. What are the services included?

Our services include-
● Electrical Work
● Civil Work
● Plumbing
● Gas Piping
● Ducting for Chimneys
● Paint work that require cutting

3. Is there anything that I need to take care of?

You need to take care of all the major civil work in case you are looking for a renovation. We neither dismantle existing kitchen nor offer backsplash tiling or dado services. We will not carry out major civil work, painting and tiling services.

1. Can I customize the kitchen design completely?

You can customize your kitchens from our extensive range of modular units, colours and finishes. However, customisation for height, depth and width of the cabinet is not possible.

2. Do you have different themes to choose from?

Our modular kitchen ranges are contemporary by design. You can create a kitchen that is modern, classic, or a mix of both from our available designs. If you have a dream theme, our designer will bring it to life.

3. What options do you have for shutter finishes?

We have an ample variety of colours and textures for laminates. We have an exclusive range of shutters that are known for their unique properties. We also have glass-front shutters for the wall units.

4. What materials are your kitchen cabinets built from?

We only use finest quality of material for our kitchen cabinets. We design with marine grade plywood for the wet areas, e.g. the areas around the sink, and (HMR) PLPB for the dry areas.

5. What are the benefits of having the kitchen in BWR plywood or BWR plywood + HMR PLPB?

The benefit of having a kitchen built with a mix of BWR plywood + HMR PLPB is to ensure water resistance. A kitchen built with BWR plywood has higher water resistant power as compared to a kitchen built from BWR plywood and HMR PLPB. The latter option is more budget-friendly and it can be a great saving from your budget.

6. Are there additional accessories I can buy with the modular kitchen?

MORPH modular kitchens come with infinite choices for making it a perfect space that is functional and effective. If you want then you can add tall units, mid-level accessories, drawer units and lot more.

1. Will I be charged for the consultation with your designer?

Yes, the consultation with MORPH designer is a paid service. The booking fee that we charge includes up to 2 design iterations. Please note, the designing fee for kitchen is Rs.500 and for interior designing it would be Rs.3000. Both the amount is adjustable on conformation of order.

Our designer will pay a visit at your place with samples of shutter finishes, carcass materials include Marine grade plywood and PLPB, countertops, and anything more that is related to interiors work. Our designer will assist you with the design work for the kitchen /interior of the house you want, while taking into consideration the area and space available, your taste, aesthetics, and existing décor.

2. What are the payment terms once I commission my Morph kitchen?

You need to make an advance of 25% of the total amount in order to book your Morph kitchen. The remaining percentage of amount is to be paid before getting the delivery of your kitchen.

3. What is the warranty for an Morph kitchen?

Manufacturer's Product Manufacturer Warranty
Cabinets 5-years
Doors 5-years
Panels 5-years
Drawer Fronts 5-years
Work-Tops No warranty
Electrical Appliances Manufacturer’s warranty
Sinks Manufacturer’s warranty
Taps Manufacturer’s warranty
Lighting No warranty
Hettich Hardware & Accessories Lifetime functional warranty
Evershine Accessories Lifetime functional warranty

Please note: Any other materials that are included in the kitchen and not listed above are also subject to warranty offered by the relevant manufacturers.

4. What does the free 1-year after-sales service cover?

Our after-sales service includes:

● Deep cleaning of kitchen cabinets and shutters
● Making arrangement of hinges and hardware
● Giving water protection in the sink area and on the work top by refilling silicone gel
● The after-sales service is free of charge for the first year. Our service team will come and visit you in the 6th and 11th month after the installation of MORPH kitchen.

5. What if my kitchen needs servicing after the first year?

We are always there to help you at your call. However, in this case we will charge you at Rs.1500 per visit, after the completion of the first one year.